links to recommended websites

art & artists

Ashland Art Center - a vital resource for art experience and education.

Ellen Dissanayake - Ground-breaking books, articles, reviews and lectures about the arts.

David Lorenz Winston - superb, award-winning photographer.

Joany Franklin - watercolor "images of light and shape deep within the landscape". - My website is listed on page 34 of Recommended Art Resources

art & nature & science

Nikon Small World - Photomicrographs by year dating back to 1977

Olympus BioScapes - Extraordinary microscope images of life science subjects.

Science and the Sacred - Learning from the wisdom of the cell.

Alliance for Wild Ethics - "A consortium of individuals and organizations working to ease the spreading devastation of the animate earth through a rapid transformation of culture."

ASCI - Art-Science Collaborations, Inc.


(custom gallery)

"Matter Gone Wild" - An interview of Shoshanah with Craig Comstock, host of Like Wow! .

"Tell Me a Story" - Traditional Italian fairytale "Giricoccola", illustrated by Shoshanah Dubiner.

"The Inner Life of the Cell" - breathtaking computer animation of what goes on in a living cell.

XVIVO Scientific Animations - Brilliant artists working with scientists to create beautiful animations. 


1st-art-gallery -  Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of


The Painting Studio: Center for Creative Expression - Barbara Kaufman, principle teacher.

The Painting Experience - Steward Cubley, principle teacher.

Creativity Without Limits: Point Zero Painting - Michele Cassou, principle teacher.